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To ensure you have the right solutions for your business needs and you're paying the best rates.

We offer turnkey solutions to telecom operators and ISPs. We accompany companies through equipment selection and offer to ISPs, NGOs, Banks and other organizations; installation, integration, maintenance long with other professional services. We achieve interconnections,Broadband Wireless Access solutions (WBA) and management solutions.

We make our customers aware of different technologies available and advise the ones which would better a match with to their needs.

Last mile connectivity solutions

Governments ,Telecom operators and institutions invested in steady backbone infrastructures through optic fiber and modern VSAT technologies to avail enough capacity but the bottle neck remains the accessibility to the end users with stable connectivity. Some organizations with different offline applications require to be interconnected.

There are several technologies to address these issues but each is specific to a certain need. Fidalix decided to address this by approaching interconnection companies, Telecommunications companies, NGO, corporations, Banks and other institutions to advise, design and integrate wireless or wired connectivity solutions.

Broadband Wireless Access solutions (WBA)

  • 4G(TD-LTE)
  • WiMAX
  • Point to Point Solutions
  • Point to Multipoint Solutions

    Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH)

  • Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) solutions


  • When heavy and stable links for high bandwidth applications are required, Microwave solutions are recommended.

  • Deployment Services

    Supporting all major brands in Wireless Broadband Access, Fidalix provides an expert deployment service covering all major manufacturers.
    Fidalix team moves and finds you at your place to do site surveys, planning and installations. We also come for site audits and upgrade for operators and organizations networks. We do this in the agreed timeframe and never go beyond the budget

  • Site surveys
  • Systems studies
  • Systems planning
  • Systems designs
  • Systems installations
  • Systems integration
  • Systems management

    Benefits of our deployment services

  • It is done by professionals who leave behind documented activities & Network architectures.
  • It quickens the presentation of your products to the market
  • Fidalix does proper radio frequency planning and professional installations following the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • we recommend them new features/upgrades which come with new software releases or troubleshoot the problems faced on the products we offered so as to help them achieve the efficiency.

  • Support Services

  • Account Management

    Every customer is assigned an account manager who will operate as the lead point of contact for any and all matters specific to you.

  • On-site support

    Fidalix delivers unparalleled service capabilities anywhere you are located ,we offer On-site technical expertise on demand.

  • Remote support

    We support our customers via e-mail, phone call and remote access to the system.

  • Speed up RMA process

    For equipments bought from our partners, you dont lose time in approving the malfunctioning of the equipment of the software and you get a replacement or repair services in a short period of time

  • Stock

    We hold a stock of major brand’s equipment for quick replacement in case during our support process.

  • In-House Lab

    We offer demo for different solutions. It can be visualized remotely showing the operation of the equipment in our labs. The lab is also used to reproduce scenario reported by our customers. We use equipment in our lab on-site to for the customers to experience the benefits.


  • Management solutions

  • Bandwidth management
  • Billing solution
  • Wifi Offload solutions

    No one wishes to live without better wifi with high network performance to keep up with subscriber demand for bandwidth; Smart WI-Fi technology is up to deliver unprecedented reliability within the unlicensed spectrum - a hence dire need of Ruckus Wireless competitive carrier grade wifi solutions.

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    The company was established by telecoms engineers and seasoned entrepreneurs who recognised the need to connect and provide cost-effective products and services to emerging markets throughout Africa

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    Manufacturer of wireless (Wi-Fi) networking equipment for enterprises and service providers based on smart Wifi-technology


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